Youth And Traditional Indian Jewelry Kundan, Jadau

Youth And Traditional Indian Jewelry: Kundan, Jadau

Youth And Traditional Indian Jewelry Kundan, Jadau
Youth And Traditional Indian Jewelry Kundan, Jadau

The love and affection of Indian women toward Indian wedding jewelry are familiar to everyone and it’s incredible. Their love and passion toward bridal Indian jewelry have been successfully depict in several movies and literary works. You can’t imagine an Indian wedding taking place without the use of precious Indian wedding jewelry.

Generally, the traditional Indian bride is depict in hoardings or advertisements having cover with traditional Indian jewelry from her tip to toe.

However, the most interesting part is that even after being heavy and classical Indian bridal jewelry has not lost its value even in this modern age. And, all the credit unquestionable goes for women of all ages who have keep our glorious past alive.

Although, the radiance of traditional Indian jewelry items such as Kundan jewelry, jadau jewelry has not faded away yet, with the passage of time some changes have been made with traditional jewelry in order to cope up with the changing times and tastes.

In earlier times, it was promulgated that Kundan jewelry could only be significant to be wear at a wedding or important occasions.

However, nowadays analyzing the taste of modern India jeweler’s is jubilantly experimenting with the design and outlook of the jewelry sets. And, their experiments have been well receive by today’s generation.

Thus, keeping the above context in mind, we have set out the list of Indian bridal jewelry items that have been design by keeping in mind the youth of today’s generation:

Work Wear:

Indian traditional jewelry items are currently being used in a totally different way which is completely different from establish notions of using Indian traditional jewelry.

Sniffing the change of taste and approach of the young generation toward jewelry’s; new designs have been create to strike the right balance between the crave of youth to do experiments and preserving the traditional values of these jewelry items.

And, jewelers have successfully struck the right chord with the youth hence; nowadays Kundan jewelry and Jadau jewelry are being craft and enameled in such a manner. So that it can also be wear at work without looking gaudy.

Party Wear:

These traditional jewelry items can be your perfect companion if you wear them on outings or at parties. The brilliant radiance and awestruck beauty of these jewelry items will look amazingly astonishing. If it is adopt with colorful gemstones.

Imagine! Yourself wearing a lightweight Kundan earring embed with glimmering ruby gemstone isn’t it look stupendous?  Yes, it will. Thus, you can try wearing this during your casual parties, birthday parties, anniversaries party, etc..


Shopping is fun isn’t it and what if it is accompanies by enticing Kundan earrings or lightweight drops. It will jazz up your routine shopping. And make it quite interesting and memorable. Probably, if this traditional Indian jewelry is team up with brilliant looking red color coral or blue sapphire stones.


Attending boring lecturer is a nightmare for every college going girl. So, perk up this routine by wearing exciting jewelry. This will instantly zing up your mood and endow you with a refreshing look. That will throw away all kinds of boredness and bring freshness into your life.

While choosing college wearing jewelry or accessories keep a note that does not pick jewelry that looks way too jazzy or fancy because after all, you are not going to attend any marriage. Hence, choose your jewelry carefully that looks classy, elegant and compliments your looks completely.

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