What Is Kundan Jewelry, Its History and Popular Uses

What Is Kundan Jewelry, Its History and Popular Uses

Kundan jewelry
Kundan jewelry

Kundan jewelry is traditional Indian style jewelry which is being widely and popularly across India since ancient times. Kundan jewelry defines to be special and auspicious due to the reason that it is being set or embed around a gem with gold, which comprises bestows uniquely and enthralling look to this type of jewelry item. Let us discuss everything about what is kundan jewelry, its history and Popular Uses with Gemnjewelery.com

History of Kundan Jewelry

The name Kundan has been originated by the reason of high refined molten gold, which is being used while designing Kundan jewelry items. The Kundan jewelry items have been rooted within the tradition of India. It is being believed that Kundan was first discovered and used during the reign of the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

The city of Jaipur is immensely popular for being the center of Kundan jewelry production. How Kundan Jewelry is being created: The creation or development process of Kundan jewelry is extensive. The artisan and workers have to be extra cautious throughout the process.

Creation Process of Kundan Jewelry

The creation process of Kundan jewelry follows the following hierarchy initially a fine gemstone is chosen and it is cautiously being shaped and shines so that it attain appropriate shine and luster. Now the gemstone has to be embedded in the gold in such manner so that it appears perfectly shaped and shine.

However, the detailed process commences of like this in the first step which is ghaat a perfect framework of the skeletal is designed by the artisan and jewelry artist.

In the second stage, which is paid the refined or pure gold is poured into the framework and molded according to the design. The third stage is khudia, in the following step an uncut or polished gemstone is being fixed or embedded in the proposed framework.

The fourth step is meenakari, which involves the definition of design details. Next, the step is pakai or heating under this step the framework with gemstone is heated at high temperatures to obtain rich physical properties and also eliminating impurities from gold. Lastly, the Kundan jewelry is polished to retain excellent shine and gleam. Popular jewelry items of Kundan Jewelry:

Uses of Kundan Jewelry:

The Kundan jewelry is used as wedding jewelry, party jewelry and suitable jewelry for all important functions. The use and popularity of Kundan jewelry are not confined or restricted to the present age only.

Although, in ancient times, especially during the times of Mughals and in medieval ages the Kundan jewelry items such as Kundan ring, Kundan necklace, Kundan earrings were hugely being used. Due to its popularity, Kundan jewelry has come an integral part of Indian traditional jewelry.

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