What Is Jadau Jewelry, Its History And Popular Uses (1)

What Is Jadau Jewelry, Its History And Popular Uses

What Is Jadau Jewelry, Its History And Popular Uses.
What Is Jadau Jewelry, Its History And Popular Uses.

Jadau is Indian style jewelry which is being indigenous in India. The mesmerizing style and extraordinary shapes altogether give it a totally new look and make it more alluring. The jadau jewelry is an excellent representation of craftsmanship which was introduce in India by the Mughal reign. GemNJewelery.com discuss with you about some questions related to jewelry, for example, the most frequently asked question by others is what jadau jewelry, Its history, and popular uses?

The Historical Significance of Jadau Jewelry:

Jadau jewelry is traditional jewelry which has occupied a significant place in Indian history. It is also call the jewelry of festivals and auspicious occasions such as marriages and at other important events. The jadau jewelry is develop mainly in Rajasthan and some regions of Gujarat.

The jadau jewelry was brought in India by Mughals. They used to adopt jadau jewelry in the form of jadau rings, jadau necklace and in their attires. Historically, the jadau jewelry was create or develop in the Bikaner region. The whole process of creation requires a lot of attention and hard work.

The reason why this is an intense task is that of the fact that while creating jadau jewelry a craftsman has to stud or fix diamond or other special metal in gold. Thus, it needs a lot of attention and experience to create jadau jewelry. According to estimation around 15000 workers in Bikaner works on jadau jewelry.

Creation of Jadau Jewelry

Since it’s been already mention or describe that developing jadau jewelry is a long and intense task. However, our proficient Indian craftsman or workers has excelled in this skill, and worldwide famous in jadau jewelry creation. Jadau jewelry creation is not a one-step process as it pursues two-three steps in order to create jadau jewelry.

The auspicious jewelry is not being create or develop by a single worker. It is teamwork where a group of workers works diligently in a direction to develop this jewelry. The first step is cherries where basic design is create or develop.

Ghaarias is a second step in which holes and engraving are being done on gold. Enameling is the third step in which a craftsman or goldsmith to create designs on gold or Kundan jewelry.

Jadau jewelry is popular among Indians and foreigners for its extremely delicate design and appearance.

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