5 Best Gemstone Jewellery Item For Unmarried Girls

Nowadays, unmarried girls are quite keen on dressing up well at the marriage function. Young girls have an inclination toward modern & fancy jewelry pieces instead of traditional Indian bridal jewelry.

And, they have the courage to experiment with the latest jewelry trends. They can flaunt new and modern designs with ease in any party and traditional functions. Colored Gemstones & its ornaments are considered to be the hot thing as of now. Everyone wants to adorn gemstone embedded jewelry items to look adorable and trendy.

Hence, Today, we are going to list down the top 5 best gemstone jewelry item for unmarried girls can adorn on the occasion of the wedding:

Sapphire Gemstone Rings:

The suave and captivating blue sapphire ring will perfectly mean for this function. It looks delicate collaborating with any metal such as platinum, gold, diamond, and silver.

It will pop up your entire appearance with its elegant blue color and exclusive luster. Hence, if you are planning to participate in any marriage function, then do wear blue sapphire ring to look like a million bucks.

blue sapphire rings

Ruby Gemstone Pendant:

The alluring red color ruby stone is considered to be the birthstone for the month of July. The elegant red color of this stone along with the excellent shine makes it an ideal choice for the pendant.

If you are planning to dress up in Indian attire, then wearing ruby studded pendant will amp up your appearance in every possible way. The ethnic ruby stone will bestow you a classy look for the wedding.

original ruby emstone pendant silver necklace

Emerald Stone MaangTikka:

The radiant royal Green Emerald gemstone will look excellent fixed in maang tikka. Even though maang tikka is supposed to be the complimentary jewel for a bride, yet, young girls can also don this to glorify their looks.

However, don’t go over the board while buying it, purchase a simple and classy emerald stone maang tikka which does not overshadow the bride’s appearance. Maang Tikka will look best with lehnga and tradition Indian dress such as Saree.

emerald stone maangtikka

Pearl Stone Embedded Earrings:

The white color pearl stone with its ethnic appearance always leaves women craving for it. After diamond, the pearl is one of its kind of gem which women joy to wear in the form of jewelry.

The white color pearl stone gives you a classy and elegant appearance with such ease which is impossible for other gemstones.

It looks best with both traditional attires as well as the western dresses. The white color earrings look adorable hanging in your ears.

pearl stone embedded earrings

Red Coral Stone Bracelets or Handcuffs:

Despite wearing regular bangles at the wedding. You can experiment with bold and beautiful looking red color coral stone bracelets and handcuffs.

Especially, if you are planning to wear sleeveless saree blouses or cholis because it will look gorgeous in your long shapely hands.

red coral stone bracelets

You can match up your coral handcuff or bracelet with your dress and do not wear any other jewelry in your hand if you are wearing a bracelet or handcuff. You can wear it in a single hand instead of both hands.

So, these are the list of some gemstone studded ornaments you can wear if you are an unmarried girl on wedding occasion. However, it is totally up to you to decide what to wear to a wedding or any festivity.

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