Tips To Choose Jewelry for Your Skin Tone


Did you know that colors of outfits alone do not flatter the complexion of a wearer? Jewelry does too and that’s the reason why most successful designers fashion jewelry with a particular complexion in mind. In other words, every jewelry that you see on display out in the stores is designed for a particular skin tone.

Your object as a buyer should be to pick that one piece that works best for your complexion. Precious gemstones, enamels, accents, metals, choices are endless, and so are the tricks of making them match with your skin. From diamond jewelry to alloy gold ones, there is a skin tone matching every last piece. So, without further ado, let’s begin with how you can pick jewelry to best go with your skin tone.

Some General Advice

Let’s start with some general tips that will get you rolling. Listed below are some tips and tricks that, if applied correctly and with a little forethought can work wonders for anybody. Let’s have a look, shall we

• When you buy jewelry, what’s on the top of your head? Aesthetics? Value? Whatever it is, replace that with comfort, if it isn’t that already. You, as a buyer, should always be on a lookout for jewelry that is without a doubt, easy to carry. Now that could be something light and dainty for someone, and heavy and flashy for another.

• Take cues from your body’s reaction to a particular piece of jewelry. Your mind knows, and therefore your body does too. Listening to your body can help prevent picking hyper-allergenic jewelry.

• Maintenance is a priority when you are dealing with jewelry. Your gold and diamonds and platinum need a lot of care, the first of which is protection from makeup chemicals. If you are not the kind of wearer who can be careful with her baubles at all times, then paint a coat of clear nail polish on them to guard them against harmful exposures.

Figuring Out Your Skin Tone

Most people would go blah at this because of their knowledge, they know what their skin tone is. Right? Wrong. Most people make a mistake right here at the beginning. Those of you who think that you know what your complexion is, take 15 minutes out of today’s schedule and do a little examination.

Wash off all your foundation, tanner, makeup that you have on. When you look into the mirror, you should see nothing but the natural complexion that you’re born with. Now get a magnifying mirror or just a face mirror and examine.

It would be helpful to have a source of natural light in the room instead of the Hollywood lights that make everything appear yellow. Place a scrap of white paper next to your face. Notice if the shadows that appear are pinkish or yellowish. If it’s the first, then you have cool undertones, if it’s the latter, then you have warm undertones.

The Rules of Matching

Now that you know what kind of undertones your skin has, with a little formula it gets easier to match precious gemstones jewelry with your complexion. The idea is to pick warm colors for warm undertones. By warm colors, I mean rich and vibrant ones like red, coral, gold, orange and such. For cooler undertones, restrict your choices to cooler shades like blue, green and silver.

It is easy to confuse cooler shades with muted ones, but try to make a distinction as clear as possible to keep on the right side of options. One little advice that will make the job a walk in the park is to be guided by your hair and eye color. The real undertones of your skin match with the shades of hair and eyes. So, take a look twice at your eyes and hair before you decide if the jewelry will flatter your skin tone or downplay it.

Metals with Complexions

The metals make a big difference too in playing up the complexion. Silver and anything similar works great for cool skin tones. So, for them, the best metals are silver, white gold, and platinum. For others, it’s any metal that bears a warm luxuriant color. So, gold and rose gold are the most obvious choices. Aside from them, copper and brass are some good alternatives.

Is Skin Tone Really That Important?

I’d say that depends on your personal judgment. The best thing about style is, it has no rules. You can either conform to the norms, blindly tail the trends or simply whip up your own style from scratch. So, it’s you who decides who to answer that question. If you think the idea of matching the two is cool, then, by all means, go ahead. If not, then feel free to follow your own ideas.

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