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The Traditional Indian Kundan Jewelry

The Traditional Indian Kundan Jewelry
The Traditional Indian Kundan Jewelry

Kundan is an Indian and Incredible form of Jewelry art and a very traditional too, being practice in various parts of India as in Gujarat and Rajasthan from the times of Mughal Dynasty. The traditional Kundan is also call as Engraved Kundan which uses Uncut Diamonds call as “villandi ” and polki of different gemstones to beautify itself.

It uses precious gemstones, beads, crystals villandi, polki, meena work and mainly the Uncut Diamonds, engraved in 22K Hallmark Gold.

Earlier it was a piece of beauty only for Indian ladies. But nowadays, it’s getting Royal and increasing in demand from all over the globe. Especially USA, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE  (Dubai, Abu Dhabi Sharjah, Al ain, Ajman), Saudi Arab and Muslim Countries.

Mercury signifies true love, wisdom, harmony, and intellect. Thus, wearing mercury endorse emerald stone will guarantee. These benefits in her life and help you both in leading content and prosperous married life.

Process Adopted To manufacture The Traditional Indian Kundan Jewelry :

Since the Jewelry is too royal so the procedure to manufacture it includes Great Craftsmanship. And the hard work of the skilled artisans. Kundan jewels are craft with great care and attention.

It is simply manufacture by using 22 k hallmark Gold. Kundan uses Uncut Real Diamonds. Diamonds are held in very fine,  hand beaten sheets of pure gold hammer in the form of cups, holders or containers.

LAC: Natural glue like blackish substance is fill in those hand beaten cups of pure Gold.Then Lac is cover by a very fine pure silver foil/sheet. Which is use to cover the Lac and gives a background to the Diamond to award it with the Shimmering look.

After that Uncut Diamonds press at the Lac.  And the edges of the cups are press onto the edges of the Diamond to secure the stone in place. Once the Lac is dry up it would harden, thus holding the Diamond in place.

This creative and hard work process results in the Gorgeous, Shiny, Stunning and Striking piece of Kundan  Jewelry.

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