The Best Way to Care for the Antique Accessories Featured image

The Best Way to Care for the Antique Accessories

The Best Way to Care for the Antique Accessories
The Best Way to Care for the Antique Accessories

Possibly you got it from your darling grandparent, or maybe you bought it from a market or some vintage store, whatever is its past, traditional gold jewelry must be held with attention to preserve its exquisiteness. Let us discuss the best way to care for the antique accessories with

How to Take Care for the Antique Accessories

  • If the ornament is impair when you obtain it. It is undoubtedly best to have it fix by a specialize jeweler who specializes in vintage collections.
  • Old hooks, ties and gemstones setting can be unfasten and delicate. A skilled professional can recognize the metal and any gemstones, and mend any break or exclude parts.
  • If the ornament is to be highly treasure, make sure that any new parts to be substitute. Such as clasps must be as close as possible to the original.
  • If the gold accessory you have just pick up is in a good state but maybe just stain or dusty. There are numerous safe and simple ways to re-establish its unique loveliness. To guard your jewelry against additional damage, wear soft gloves on your hands.
  • Examine the jewelry with a jeweler’s magnifying glass to check for any unfasten gemstones which are essential to be repaire before trying to clean it. Use a soft toothbrush to softly eradicate the dust.
  • Once you are done with removing the observable dust, spray mild jewelry cleaner liquid on a soft cloth and gradually rub all faces of the piece. Don’t let the cloth be extra wet, simply moist, and don’t spray on the jewelry openly.
  • Do not use soap or any product with alcohol, chemicals or ammonia in it, and never dip the jewelry in any liquid.
  • Finally, give shine to the jewelry with a special jewelry polishing cloth. Don’t get too eager about polishing since antique pieces have a naturally dull finish, and too much polishing will damage the antique look and finish of the piece. Allow the jewelry to systematically get air-dry before placing it for storage.


As soon as your gold antique jewelry is clean, store it with carefulness to preserve its beautiful looks. Necklaces should be keep flat, never dangling, as their cords or threads can break. Keep your jewelry in some plastic, metal containers, soft cloth bags or zipper-type food storage bags.

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