Serious Working Condition And Low Wages Prevails In Indian Gem & Jewellery Industry

Jewelry worker
Jewelry worker

Citing a publication from The Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India (ASSOCHAM India) – which, along with the Thought Arbitrage Research Institute published a study titled “Gems & jewellery industry: Contributing to Make in India” – Rapaport News writes that, “Salaries in India’s gem and jewelry sector are half of those in other industries.

According to a report that highlights a labor shortage driven by rock-bottom on serious working conditions and low wages prevails in Indian gem & jewellery. Industry.

Low Wages Prevails In India

Workers in the industry earn an average of $3,740 (INR 252,000) per year, according to the ASSOCHAM India and the Thought Arbitrage Research Institute.

The figure compares with $7,550 in the pharmaceutical industry, $7,330 in capital goods and $6,574 in the electronics sector.”

The ASSOCHAM press release states, “Inadequate working conditions and limited compliance with health and safety standards have also led to a low interest in the industry.

Excessive and prolonged exposure to lethal chemicals and gases can lead to ailments like lung tissue damage, kidney damage and lung cancer. Thereby making the industry less attractive and not an employer of choice for the younger generations.

Unorganized players and small-scale enterprises are not known to use cutting edge technology and high-quality materials in their manufacturing processes; this is another major reason as behind the slow growth of the gems and jewelry sector in India.”

D.S. Rawat, secretary-general of ASSOCHAM, said, “Sustainable growth of any industry needs a continuous supply of new talent with the skills and groundbreaking ideas.

Manual strategies for cutting, cleaning, assembling and outlining of diamonds and gems should be substituted with the top of the line machines and programming by giving down to earth. Preparing to the young being used of laser machines and other current procedures common all around.”


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