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Gift Your Newly Wed Bride Birthstone As Wedding Gift

A wedding is a perfect occasion to display your love and affection toward your partner. Presenting a gift to your soulmate on this auspicious day will help in cementing your lifelong relationship.

Gemstones are rare and beautiful pieces of jewelry not only popular for its mesmerizing appearance but, also for its ability to evoke divine or celestial forces.

It is stated that wearing a jewelry precious gemstone carries enormous astrological benefits to its wearer. There is a plethora of powerful gemstones available in the world touted for carrying divine forces with them.

There are twelve gemstones which are categorized as being the birthstone for all twelve months of a year. And, it is believed that wearing these gemstones will bring positive results in the lives of its wearer..

Garnet – The Birthstone of Month January:

If your partner’s birth date falls in this month, then you must gift her garnet jewelry items such as Garnet Rings, Garnet necklace or garnet pendants.

The garnet stone is considered to be the stone of devotion, faith, understanding, and true love. Hence, wearing this stone as a ring, necklace or another form of jewelry will generate. Garnet is the birthstone of month January.

garnet stone
garnet stone

True love, endurance, harmony, and self-devotion toward marital relation. Hence, if your bride’s birth date falls under the month of January, then you must gift her a beautiful looking garnet gemstone ring, necklace or another jewelry item to win her heart..

Amethyst: The Birthstone for Month February:

The purple color awesome looking stone is regarded as the birthstone for the month of February.If your bride’s birthday likely to fall this month, then you must present her amethyst embedded ring or necklace to let her avail immense favorable results in her life.

amethyst stone
amethyst stone

The amethyst stone is known to avert negativity and gloominess from one’s life. It is also stated to intact blood circulation, sleep disorder, heal wounds and ensure longevity.

Aquamarine- The Birthstone of Month March:

The Bride who has March as their birth month should be presented with jewelry crafted with an aquamarine stone. Aquamarine is considered to be the birthstone for the month of March.The magnificent aquamarine stone with its lively colors zings up the mood of the bride.

The crystal is also known to attain various metaphysical properties and wearing this stone will bestow passion, love, endurance, faithfulness and repair the communication channels.Hence, wearing this stone from the inception of your marriage will assist in stabilizing your marital relationship. Thus, one must gift, aquamarine fixed jewelry items for your soul mate.

Diamond- The birthstone for Month April:

We all know that diamonds are the best companion of a girl. And, every girl once in their life desires to wear diamond led jewelry items.

And, what would be a more benevolent occasion, then a wedding to wear don it; and that too if you get to wear this gemstone as your birthstone. Hence, as we know the diamond is considered to be the birthstone of the month of April.

This stone also carries enormous metaphysical properties such as it brings eternal love, support, understanding, support for your loved one.

Emerald: The birthstone for Month May:

Emerald is supposed to be the birthstone of the month May. It is believed that fabulous looking emerald gemstones preserve enormous divine powers due to its affiliation with the powerful planet Mercury.

emerald stone
emerald stone

Mercury signifies true love, wisdom, harmony, and intellect. Thus, wearing mercury endorsed emerald stone will guarantee these benefits in her life and help you both in leading content and prosperous married life.

Pearl- The Birthstone For Month June:

Wearing this stone will carry the positive attributes of the planet, the moon in the lives of its wearers.

pearl stone
pearl stone

Going by the above facts, we should not ignore one more fact that pearl gemstone is regarded to be the birthstone for the month of June.

Ruby Gemstone Birthstone For Month July:

Ruby stone allures everyone with its magnificent luster and color quality. The matchless aura of ruby gemstone surpasses every other stone.Apart from its inimitable grace,its affiliation with the planet Sun-monarch of the universe also empowers the value of this stone.

It is believed that wearing this stone will propose the substantial divine powers of the planet Sun in the aura of its wearer. It carries fortune, good luck, longevity, harmony and intact communication channel for its wearer.

ruby stone
ruby stone

Therefore, if she is born in the month of July, so, you should shop for ruby gemstone jewelry items to gift her as Birthstone for the month of July. It will surely bless your married life with happiness and joy.

Peridot- The Birthstone For Month of August:

August-born brides can shop for jewelry items designed with elegant looking light color peridot stone..It is supposed that wearing peridot as a birthstone will invite faith, serenity, peace, happiness, strength, and passion in a marital relationship.

It also protects the newlywed bride against evil eyes, black magic, nightmares, and depression.

Sapphire- The birthstone for the Month of September:

blue sapphire stone
blue sapphire stone

Blue Sapphire stone is known for its affection with powerful planet Saturn. Saturn Signifies health, fortune, early marriage, passion, determination, vigor, and sincerity. In this way, wearing a blue sapphire as the birthstone for the month of September will pour happiness and joy in your married life.

Opal And Tourmaline The Birthstone For the month of October:

October is a great month to be born.Both tourmaline and opal are an awesome appearing stone which can easily rule over the heart of every woman with its angelic shine and royal colors.

Wearing opal and tourmaline as a birthstone for this month will bestow peace, good health, faith and innocence to its wearer.

Opal stone
Opal stone

In the same line, you can make your bride feel extremely special by gifting her opal and tourmaline crafted jewelry items. The varied colors and radiance of these stones make them highly prized stones.

Yellow Topaz And Citrine The Birthstone for Month of November:

Yellow topaz and citrine, both are considered to be the birthstone of the month of November.These stones makes them perfect choice for a wedding gift. Presenting these both stone embedded jewelry items to your beloved one can make her happy and compel to again fall in love with you.

yellow Topaz
yellow Topaz

Aside from its exceptional physical appearance, yellow topaz, and citrine are also praised for attaining several metaphysical properties such as good mental and physical health.

Blue Topaz, Turquoise, and Tanzanite- Birthstones for the month of December:

If your future bride is born in this month, then, she is truly lucky because she got a chance to wear three different stones as a birthstone. Turquoise, blue topaz, and tanzanite, all these three beautiful looking stones are considered to be the birthstone for the month of December.

You can choose any of these three stones to gift your bride as her birthstone. However, blue topaz with its exquisite blue color and mesmerizing sparkle attracts people, especially women easily toward it.

Turquoise stone
Turquoise stone

Hence, you can present her a beautiful looking blue topaz ring or other jewelry items on her birthday or on the occasion of your wedding.

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