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Famous Bollywood Divas And Their Wedding Day Jewellery

Famous Bollywood Divas And Their Wedding Day Jewellery, Bollywood stars have been inspiring and enthralling us for years. People religiously follow the footsteps of their favorite stars. They want to manifest their gait, dialect, hair-style, apparels, jewelry and mannerism to the fullest. It is normal to see college going students and girls gossiping about the fashion styles of their favorite Bollywood stars.

Here, it would be reasonable to admire famous bollywood divas and their wedding day Jewellery. And, if you wish to look trendy and stylish but do not find any role model, then it is the time to make your favorite Bollywood star you fashion icon.

Bollywood stars have everything in their kitty to inspire you for every special and fortunate event of your life. Especially, dear soon to be brides, will surely find great bridal jewellery tips to adorn at their weddings. These Bollywood actresses not only in front of the camera look stunning, but off the camera and in their own wedding these Bollywood brides have set an example to follow.

Have a glimpse over the top Bollywood divas that cut the dash in their real wedding.

Aishwarya Rai:

The miss universe and one the most beautiful women on the earth Aishwarya Rai appeared mesmerizing on the herd-day. The actress was heavily bejeweled clubbing gold kundan jewellery with emerald gemstone. The combination of precious jewels along with glittering gemstones made her look like a million dollars.

The overall appearance of Aishwarya Rai was breathtaking, however; the one piece of jewelry that instinctively fetches the attraction of everyone was Kundan necklace or haar. The layered kundan haar or necklace looked gorgeous around her neck.

Aishwarya Rai Marriage
Aishwarya Rai Marriage

Along with this elegant looking heavy kundan necklace there was also two longer kundan haar with emerald drops. Altogether all these three gold kundan haar or necklace bestows here perfect Indian bride look. Similarly, if you want to endorse traditional Indian bridal look then you must go for traditional Indian jewelry.

Esha Deol:

The Dhoom girl Esha Deol preferred gold jewellery on her wedding occasion. And mind you that she looked fabulous in her choice of bridal jewellery. Since it has been a temple style wedding so she opted for traditional wedding jewellery to compliment the mood of the wedding.

From her complete bridal jewellery one thing that attracted or looked most mesmerizing was her matha Patti. The precious gemstone ruby studded matha patti looked stunning and complimented her overall look quite effectively.

Esha Deol Marriage
Esha Deol Marriage

Shilpa Shetty:

Another charming Bollywood diva Shilpa Shetty looked stunning in her bridal jewelry. To look exquisite as a bride, she relied upon traditional jewelry. The sensuous Shilpa was decked with jewels from top to toe and looked like an angel on her wedding event.

The Mangorian girl had been decorated with maang tikka, kamarband and armlet and her lovely gajra were like ice on the cake. Apart from the heavy kundan necklace, the gorgeous kundan kamarbandh and bajubandh also looked impressive. So, if you are looking to cut a dash on your wedding occasion, so wear this classical kundan bridal jewelry items.

Shilpa Shetty
Shilpa Shetty

Vidya Balan:

The talented and sensuous actress Vidya Balan preferred south Indian temple jewellery on her wedding. She had adopted the royal look for her wedding and nailed it completely. The beautiful and elegant necklace with matching earrings flattered her look further.

The bridal look of Vidya Balan will suit those brides who want to embrace royal bridal jewellery such as kundan jewelry and jadau jewelry.

Vidya Balan Wedding
Vidya Balan Wedding

Although, it is good to follow the style of these Bollywood divas. But following them blindly is not feasible instead of that you should take inspirations from them and choose your bridal jewelry carefully keeping in mind your budget and like, dislike. After all! This is your own wedding and who knows that your personal choice for bridal jewelry surpasses the style of these Bollywood divas.

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