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Do’s And Don’t While Cleaning Kundan Gold Jewelry

Do’s And Don’t While Cleaning Kundan Gold Jewelry | Be it gold Kundan jewelry sets or Indian gold jewelry sets, they need extra care or regular cleaning to preserve its quality. Mostly, gold jewelry won’t tarnish or damage quickly. However, with proper usage, the color and brilliant luster of this exquisite jewelry also fade away.

To preserve your gold jewelry to deteriorate, one should clean and take extra care of gold coated jewelry items. For the sake of preventing your gold jewelry to deteriorate, you must follow the following tips to take care of gold Kundan jewelry items.

Since Kundan is stated to be the purest form of gold; and, because of its purity, Kundan gold jewelry such as Kundan rings, Kundan necklace sets, Kundan earrings are quite popular among everyone especially among women. It is an expensive jewelry item.

Therefore, to defend its quality and ensure its longevity one should put in the mind.

 Tips To Take Care Of Kundan Gold Jewelry Items

Kundan jewelery
Kundan jewelery

Remove Gold Kundan Jewellery Items before bathing, showering and cleaning: before having a bath to remove your gold Kundan jewelry for the sake of preserving it from getting exposed to soap and other harmful chemicals.

Furthermore, while cleaning the floor or utensils, do remove your gold jewelry items. Because gold is a soft metal and will easily scratch.

Before diving in the swimming pool remove or take off your gold jewelry because chlorinated water will permanently discolor your gold jewelry.

Drape your gold jewelry with a soft chamois cloth if you feel that your gold jewelry is gradually losing its lustre and shine.

Use Detergent powder: To guard the natural lustre and shine of the gold piece; you need to clean it occasionally. To actually clean a gold piece, use detergent powder and mild hot water.

Put your gold jewelry in hot water for fifteen to twenty minutes to dissolve the impurities. And, then using a soft cotton cloth to clean it off.

Dip each piece of your gold into the mixing bowl for once. Do not put more than one piece of gold at once. They might get scratched to each other with constant friction.

Use the cotton cloth to clean or wipe off the drenched gold Kundan rings, necklace or other pieces of gold jewelry items. It is not good practice to use the brush or hard material to clean your jewelry. Because the Brussels of brush might damage the colour and useful properties of the gold.

Besides these practices, for proper cleaning of gold jewelry, you can also pay a visit to a jeweler or gemologist. Performing all the above-mentioned steps; you will effectively take care of your gold Kundan or other Indian gold jewelry’s and improve its lifetime with ease.

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