Do you know about the best type of gold for jewelry?

Do You Know About The Best Type Of Gold For Jewelry?


Are you looking to buy gold jewelry items for the first time?

You might easily get confused by the complex vocabulary used by the jewelry store attendants. Plenty of people find themselves at a loss when they need to deal with words like ‘carat’ and ‘karat’.

For instance, the word carat is meant for describing the weight of different kinds of gemstones like diamonds. The word karat, on the other hand, denotes the measurement of purity of the gold as well as the type of gold that you may choose for getting designer jewelry pieces that you want to use.

It is important for you to note that gold in its purest form is an extremely soft metal. In fact, it is extremely delicate to be worn on a day-to-day basis. Hence, it is frequently alloyed or combined with different kinds of other metals like copper, silver, zinc, and nickel for improving its resilience and strength.

The most widely used gold mixtures are 22K, 18K, and 14K, but 18K and 14K are considered to be the best for making jewelry items. As a person who only wants the finest quality gold jewelry, you may wonder which category of gold is going to be best for you.

The truth is that there is no fixed or definite answer and it depends a lot on what you are looking for. You should consider how frequently you are going to wear the jewelry items; the type of color that you want; what you are going to do once you wear the jewelry items, as well as your overall budget. There is no single answer when it comes to the best choice for gold.

Have a look at the various types of gold karats you need to choose from while having your jewelry items made from scratch.


The 24K gold is the 100% pure gold variant and is definitely the highest karat associated with gold. Now you may think that this is automatically the finest gold that you can buy, although that is definitely not the case.

The purest gold materials are vulnerable to dents, bends, and scratches which make them impractical for day to day use. Wearing 24K gold won’t allow you to household work if you want to attend a major festive event or a gala, you can wear them.

22K (92% gold mixed with 8% alloyed metals)

The 8% alloyed metal present in this type of gold can make it sufficiently strong and resilient than pure gold. However, it is still substantially soft, you should take good care while wearing jewelry made of 22K gold.

18K (75% gold mixed with 25% alloyed metals)

The 18K gold includes gold mixed with a bevy of other metals. The 18K gold pieces normally have a much deeper yellow shade than the 14K.

14K (58% gold mixed with 42% alloyed metals)

The 14K gold offers maximum resistance to wearing and tearing compared to the 22K or 18K. It is best suited for day to day use and is often used for making wedding bands and engagement rings.

So if you tend to live a rather active lifestyle, then getting 14K jewelry is your best option. Do not get anything lower than 14K as it is not going to be your time and effort when you intend to buy gold jewelry.

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