Creation Process Of Jadau, Kundan And Antique Jewelry featured image

Creation Process Of Jadau, Kundan And Antique Jewelry

Creation Process Of Jadau, Kundan And Antique Jewelry
Creation Process Of Jadau, Kundan And Antique Jewelry

To fabricate a Jadau jewelry item high level of craftsmanship is needed. The process of creating Jadau jewelry encompasses activities like designing, engraving, and enameling or Meenakari. The kundan jewelry is basically designed and created in Rajasthan and Kolkata.

Both cities have been famous for ages for their excellent craftsmanship and art of developing brilliant traditional Jadau jewelry.

Here, it is important to disclose that one should only buy hallmark perceived Jadau. The Jadau Jewelry was majorly being worn during the dynasty of Mughals. Therefore, Mughal royalty was acknowledged as the brand ambassador of Jadau jewelry.

The Mughal jewelry had taken the front row seat due to its imperial looks and mesmerizing patterns. Jadau jewelry is one of the traditional jewelry of India.

It is famously being worn on the ultimate occasions such as wedding jewelry’s and engagement jeweler’. Nowadays, due to its delicate appearance and brilliant artwork women just adores wearing jadau jewelry items.

Antique Jewelry:

India is also famous for collecting precious antique and vintage jewelry items. Antique jewelry is those pieces of jewelry items that have been reserved for over a century.

The antique jewelry pieces are largely being collected or gathered by serious jewelry collectors and antique jewelry shops. The antique jewelry items have been widely in demand over the last few centuries.

People adore wearing antique pieces of jewelry items to show their class and reputation among society.

Vintage Jewelry
Vintage Jewelry

Kundan Jewelry:

A large group of a highly qualified team of designer and artisan finds in India who designs rich quality kundan jewelry items. All products are competent with the market standards and perceive the hallmark which witnesses its quality.

Kundan is contemplated as being the oldest form of jewelry ever developed in India. The Kundan is the purest or refined form of the gold obtained by heating this metal at a high temperature.

In the creation process of jadau, kundan and antique jewelry process, the precious or semi-precious gemstone is inserted in the base of the melted or the heated piece of gold.

The multicolored stone which is being embedded or fixed in the base of the stone is highly polished and groomed so that it appears delicate and classy in the jewelry set especially in the necklace.

The detailed process comprises of four steps such as Ghaat, Paadh, Khudai, and pakai. In the first phase skeletal frame is determined or selected, in the second phase Ghaat, the wax is poured into the framework and molded as per the proposed design.

Khudia in this phase multicolored gemstone is infused in the gold. The final step Pakai in this step the gold foil that controls the gemstone on the framework is cemented with the gemstones.

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