The Art of Creating Meenakari Jewelry

In Meenakari Jewelry, valuable stones are set and afterward enameled with gold. Truly, the workmanship was acquainte with Rajasthan artisans by Raja Mansingh of Amer.

He welcome Lahore-based talent artisans to his kingdom, and their mixing with local people skilled workers brought about an amalgam, which came to be call as Meenakari. Meenakari is additionally a collaboration, where the specialization of ability is of fundamental significance.

As it is for the most part done on the switch side of kundan ornaments, meenakari needs to work with the goldsmith, etcher or ghaaria, creator or chitteria and also jadiya.

Culture and Facts of Meenakari Jewelry

The workmanship requires higher expertise and its unpredictability calls for utilization of specialized attitude. In Meenakari, the bit of metal on which the work is to be done is altered on a lac stick.

Outlines of blooms, winged creatures, angle and so on are engraved on it. This prompts the production of dividers or sections, to hold shading.

Finish clean, of required shading, is then filled the sections and every shading is terminate exclusively. The warmth of the heater softens the shading and the hued fluid gets spread similarly into the depression.


This procedure is rehash with every shading. Consequently, every shading is independently let go. Hues, which are most warmth safest, are connect in the first place, as they are re-let go with each extra shading.

Once the last shading has been terminate, the question is cool and shine or clean with agate. The profundity of the furrows, load with various hues, decides the play of light.

Silver and gold are utilized for the base of Meenakari. Selection of hues, if there should arise an occurrence of silver, must be green, yellow or blue, as these are the hues that stay with it.

Concerning gold, every one of the hues can be connect to it and this is likewise the motivation behind why the metal is favored for Meenakari adornments.

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