6 Types Of Engagement Rings Trends Which Are Quite In Fashion

6 Types Of Engagement Rings Trends Which Are Quite In Fashion

Planning to buy engagement ring for your soulmate? However, it is always advised that while purchasing engagement rings for your loved one pay significant importance to the subtle details of the ring. Because engagement rings play a pivotal role in her life; it is like a possession of her.

There are enormous options available online which may buzz your head. It may become a tad hard for you to choose a perfect engagement ring for that special occasion.

Hence, to help you spot the most popular cut or shapes for an engagement ring prevailing in the market; go through the following article. Here we share 6 types of engagement rings trends which are quite in fashion.

Round Shape Engagement rings:

The glittering and fascinating round shape blue sapphire engagement ring will favor the occasion in the best possible way. The round shape engagement ring displays most facets accompanying superlative glitter.

The impressive luster and physical appearance of round shape blue sapphire rings will catch the gaze of every passerby.

The round shape engagement ring suits all kinds of facial contours. Hence, every girl can wear a ring-shaped in this form.

round shape engagement rings

Cushion Cut or Shape Ring:

Again, similar to round shape engagement ring this ring has the ability to rule over the heart of your loved one. The shape which lies between rectangle and oval perfectly meant for this occasion.

Likewise, the shining cushion cut ring suit with every metal or colored stone. But the royal green color cushion cut emerald ring matches the occasion impeccably.

cushion cut or shape ring

Heart Shaped Rings:

What more can one say in the favor of this shape ring? The heart shape ring expresses the true love and your feelings transparently. If your soon to be wife is die-hard romantic then buy her a heart shape ruby gemstone engagement ring to sweep her off her feet completely.

Tucson 2011. Heart shape Burmese ruby ring, 8.01ct set in platinum with diamonds.
Tucson 2011. Heart shape Burmese ruby ring, 8.01ct set in platinum with diamonds.

Princess Cut Ring:

The princess cut ring represents nobility, royalty, and richness. Almost round cut ring to showcase the minor details and cut of the stone precisely. The breathtaking luster and myriad of colors it offers can easily make anyone fall for this shaped ring.

The colored stones such as ruby, blue sapphire, and emerald suit best with this shaped or cut ring. However, the princess cut ruby engagement ring comes out as the clear winner as far as color, shine and price are concerned.

The princess cut engagement ring is perfect for those who tend to display or show off their love and affection toward their love.

princess cut ring

Emerald Cut Ring:

If you believe in simplicity, then emerald cut engagement ring is perfect for you. The popular classic design with a lesser number of facets has the capacity of being simple yet attractive. The emerald cut diamond ring or yellow sapphire ring will look perfect in the finger of your partner.

emerald cut ring

Pear-Shaped Ring:

With that teardrop facing away from your body, you can make your fingers look long and slender at the same time.

These rings may appear to be larger because of their shape, which reveals a larger stone from the top view. They are a graceful, feminine and sophisticated choice for the lifelong commitment of love.

pear shaped ring

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