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6 Jewelry Trends To Watch Out for in 2019


6 Jewelry Trends To Watch Out for in 2019, Jewelry trends change with time, but not as frequently as designer clothes do. The trends are evolving and so is the idea of conceptualizing jewelry as a part of one’s identity. Multi functional jewelry is in trend and people appreciate it because they are considered a one-time investment. For instance, a chain and a pendant can be used both ways, as a pendant and earrings. Couple it with multiple chains and you are ready to set the trend.

Top Trends To Set the Style

Most people these days opt for these kinds of jewelry depending on their lifestyle. People going to the office would prefer simplistic jewelry that is close to being invisible from the public eye. However, there are others who prefer to stay home and work and would want to wear something that goes well with the pajamas as well as their gym clothes. Let’s have a look at the top trending style.

Incorporate suits and outfits:

Incorporate suits and outfits

Choose something that is minimalist and not jazzy. The Jazz works on the dancing floor, not in the boardroom. The idea is people attending the team should not be drawn to your jewelry rather than your presentation. They should be attentive to it. You could either wear a small diamond pendant and team it up with diamond studs or just a small, thin gold chain with gold studs. You could jazz up a bit if you are hitting the dance floor with a friend or a partner. You can try loops and globes to step-up the disco mood.

Rings for life, not just for a day:

Rings for life, not just for a day
Diamond Ring

Prices of commodities are soaring, thus bringing into the trend of choosing wedding rings that are durable and sleek and that could be worn for every occasion. Gone are the days when wedding rings used to be all about jazz and glitter. In other words, engagement rings are less lacy and more streamlined. However, Halo and Vintage-style settings are still popular, but there is an increased demand for a cleaner, sleeker style.

Bold is in, delicate is out:

Bold is in, delicate is out

These bold chains somehow signify today’s self-reliant independent women. Bold in their decisions and sharp in their intellect, they look for something that signifies their strength. Thus, the advent of Gold Omega, along with things like herringbones, bigger links and collars are on the radar. They might not be as chunky as in the 1980s and 1990s, they still play well with more delicate layering.

Earrings that define who you are:

Earrings that define who you are

You are a star and the way you spot that dangler shows what you are. Intricate statement earrings have overridden everything in the spring-summer 2019 fashion runaway. Replete with chandeliers, flowers, star busts are some of the top trends of the year. However, on the red carpet, celebrities prefer matchsticks and embellished hoops every day.

Gemstones add to your stardom the right way:

Gemstones add to your stardom the right way

If you believe in astrology, here’s the way to go! A small emerald gemstone or a cat’s eye could catch the eye of the shutterbugs if you are a celebrity, donning a Versace or a Dolce Gabbana. If you are a commoner, your stardom gets a lift (even in pajamas) among your friends and family. Some of the other gemstones that can adorn you include rubies and Sapphires.

Pearls are a girl’s new best friend:

Pearls are a girl’s new best friend

When we are talking of economies of scale in the jewelry industry, let’s talk pearls. Surprisingly, there has been no substitute for the same over the years. A small pearl pendant makes a lot of difference to the way you look either in your pajamas or in your red carpet outfit.  It need not be mentioned here that pearls are being used abundantly everywhere- from shoes to clothes to bags and clutches. Pearls mixed with gold or gemstones and all sorts of interesting varieties have been the trendsetters.

Choose the jewelry designs that best suit your style and personality. Do not go by what others decide for you. Be it Gold jewelry, fashion jewelry or trending jewelry, you choose the statement that speaks volumes of how you define yourself as a man or a woman. However, do remember that the designs should be evergreen and should not have a short shelf life if you are investing a hefty amount.

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