5 Wedding Jewelry Attire For A Groom To Look Like Prince

The wedding in India is a big fat occasion packed off a handful of rituals and customs. The benevolent wedding function kicks off from an auspicious Mehndi ceremony or bachelor party that full stop at the finale wedding night.

On this auspicious occasion of wedding, every girl whether a common girl or Bollywood star wishes to appear the best. Thus, to look like a million dollar girl they select best wedding attire, jewellery, and makeup.

However, one thing which is relevant to bring here in the notice that whenever the talks of marriage commence everybody gossips about the bride’s outfit, jewellery, and makeup, but most people neglect or talk very little about the groom’s appearance, his wedding attire, jewellery and overall appearance.

The appearance of the groom is also equally important as the bride. Thus, keeping the above consideration in the mind, we would list down the traditional Indian jewellery items that can be adorned by the groom in order to uplift his overall appearance.

Sarpench or Safa:

The Safa or sarpench is the most common groom wedding accessory in South Asian weddings. The safa or turban comes in a variety of colors and styles, especially the Jaipuri safa and Rajasthani safa is extremely popular among all communities across India.

The safa is teamed up with kalgi fit around the turban looks like a brooch and gives the groom the feeling of a prince. In yesteryears, prince and kings used to wear brooch or kalgi clubbed with precious gemstones such as emeralds, rubies or sapphires or royal Kundan jewellery, Jadau or Antique jewellery.

Sarpench or Safa

Necklace or Haar:

The necklace is equivalently popular among the boys as with the girls. The fabulous looking necklace or haar had historical significance in the past.

If you want to acquire the traditional Indian look, then go for a traditional kundan necklace or jadau necklace embedded with the precious gemstones rubies, sapphires or emerald.

You can also go for a single string pearl necklace or layered emerald studded Kundan haar.

Necklace or Haar for Groom
Necklace or Haar for Groom

Bracelet or Watch:

The groom can add a stylish and royal watch or kundan bracelet in their hand to look stylish and sophisticated. The bracelet and watch will raise up the entire appearance of the groom.

Bracelet or Watch for Groom
Bracelet or Watch for Groom


The sehra is a pretty common thing which is usually worn by the groom at his wedding. Wearing sehra around the face of the groom has cultural significance as well it protects the groom from bad eyes, black magic, and hexes.

The meaning of wearing saree around the face is different in cultures across South Asia. In Punjabi, sehra is tied around the groom face performing a pooja by groom’s family called sehrabandi where they sing and tie the sehra to his safa.



Sherwani is considered to be the traditional attire for wedding occasions. This unique and stylish attire is worn pleasingly around India by grooms. Along with shervani, nehru jacket is also immensely popular among the Indians.


Mostly, the beautiful looking sherwani’s buttons clubbed up with precious and glittering gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Moreover, people also love to attach kundan brooches or jadau brooches around their chest to enhance their groom look.

These are several suggestions on groom jewellery or attire which you can wear according to your ease. However, the decision is totally up to you whether you want to go on with suggested ornaments or prefer to choose your own wedding attire and jewellery because after all its own wedding.

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