5 Tips On Bridal Jewelry And Dresses To Look Gorgeous On Mehendi Ceremony

5 Tips On Bridal Jewelry And Dresses To Look Gorgeous On Mehendi Ceremony
5 Tips On Bridal Jewelry And Dresses To Look Gorgeous On Mehendi Ceremony

5 Tips On Bridal Jewellery And Dresses To Look Gorgeous On Mehendi Ceremony, Weddings in India are not a single day event; rather they are occupied with a long list of functions that eventually halts on the day. It is equipped with tons of celebrations. And joyous functions such as Mehendi, sangeet ceremony, bachelor parties, roka etc.

Each function holds its own importance and gives you lifelong memories to cherish. Keeping the importance of each function in mind. It becomes equally important especially for a bride to select her jewelry. Outfit in such way so that it precisely compliments the occasion.

Mehndi is one of the most joyous and enjoyable functions. That take place in the house of the bride. Occasionally, the bride does not take this function. So seriously and prefer to look casual for this auspicious event.

However, no matter how small and private this function. But in the accompany of your friend and family members it turns out to be a memorable event. That you will remember throughout your life.

Look Gorgeous On Mehendi Ceremony

Mehndi is a special function; hence, you must choose your outfit and jewelry carefully to appear ravishing on this special occasion. And, you should remember one thing that all these moments will be captured in the camera! And being a bride you would not like to appear a face an only mother could love. So, here are the 5 tips on bridal jewelry and dresses to look gorgeous on mehendi ceremony.

So, to cut a dash on the occasion of mehndi we have come up with some super stylish wedding Jewelry and apparels tips that will help you look like a million dollars.

Choose Your Jewelry Very carefully! : Whether it is a small mehndi function or a small get together with family and friends every pair of an eye will judge you on the parameter of your dress, makeup, and jewelry. And when it comes to jewelry’s, it is sin to compromise on this front after all the wedding takes place only once in a lifetime.

And you have got every right on the earth to look pretty as a picture on this day. Hence, choose your bridal jewelry extra carefully; it should be in sync with your outfit.

It is okay to go bold and loud with traditional kundan jewellery, bridal sets such as kundan rings, necklace, maang tikka or jewelry studded with colorful gemstones if it perfectly complements your attire and occasion. But, if you want to go subtle, wear a stunning casual jewelry item that will instantly uplift your appearance.

Apart from wearing traditional Indian bridal jewellery kundan, you can also spot floral and antique jewellery if you have a slight dusk appearance. Many brides especially celebs brides like Aishwarya Rai, Ahana Deol were seen spotting antique pieces of jewelry and floral pieces of jewelry on their mehndi function.

Carefully choose the Mehndi Ceremony Attire

Carefully choose the Mehndi Ceremony Attire: Being a bride you can choose gaudy and glittering colors for your dress that easily grab the attention of the surrounding. While choosing the dress for mehndi ceremony, give first and foremost priority to your comfort without compromising the style factor.

If you want to go traditional then you can wear heavy embroidered wedding sarees that will grace your presence and make you look elegant. But, if you wish to experiment with your dress so you can try these alternatives such as wedding lehengas and Anarkali suits which are heavily in trend nowadays.

These are traditional wedding attires, however, if you try to do something unconventional than you can go modern with your looks. To look modern and stylish at the same time you can choose a pair of shorts, knee-length skirts with embroidered jacket or top.

Now coming to the color, which color will suit you the most on this benevolent occasion of mehndi. As it is a traditional function so you must don a bright and colorful dress or makeup. Do not spot dark or excessively gaudy dress or makeup because instead of making you look gorgeous it will kill your looks.

The best colors for this occasion are orange, red, green or a combination of different shades of color. These bright colors will definitely help you steal the limelight in pictures.

If you are not an admirer of bright colors. Then you can choose beige, baby pink, very light yellow or turquoise too. Just make sure that you choose colors that complement each other.

In The End

Mehndi and the wedding are an exciting and joyous purpose in everyone’s life. So, why not make it one of the most memorable events of your life. Hence, to look gorgeous and dressed to kill keep in mind. All these important jewelry and outfit tips to hit the nail on the head.

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