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5 Beautiful Necklaces Every Indian Bride Add To Her Wedding Collection

Do you hear wedding bells in your head? If this is true, then you must take initiatives on your end to make your wedding look perfect.

To make it look perfect the way you imagined this day in your childhood days or while daydreaming when your other friends were getting married, and you were busy pinpointing the faults in their attire, jewelry, and makeup.

Then, be alert, it’s your turn now; because now they would be in your shoes. And they would scan you from tip-to-toe to point out any flaws and if they would get succeeded in finding out one; they would spread this news everywhere.

Therefore, do not let them give any chance to criticize your wedding attire, ornaments and makeup you should work hard to make it look like a pleasant affair.

Since you know that the most important part of every bridal decoration is her ornaments; they play a vital role in intensifying your overall persona.

Among the many pieces of jewelry that you will do on this prominent day, a necklace occupies the central place, and it would impact your entire appearance positively.

The market is flooded with different types of an elegant appearing necklace from which you can’t take your eyes off. However, before selecting a necklace for this auspicious day; you must consider the type of your face and your budget.

Here are a few necklaces which you can wear to your wedding:


If you are going to grace yourself with traditional Indian wedding attire, then you should opt for a gorgeous looking choker necklace. Ideally, their size lies between 14 to 16 meters and can easily fit around the neck.

It will look equally impressive whether you wear it with lehnga, bridal saree or off-shoulder attire. Nonetheless, if you are going to wear a formal dress, then watch out for some other jewelry.

If you are about to pick a traditional Indian style choker, then opt for gulbandh which is made of pearl choker with small pearl pieces, in three to seven parallel strings combined with kundan gold plate.

Another choice in choker necklace is jadavi lachha from Nizam of Hyderabad. This beautiful piece of the necklace is constituted of seven layers of Gold with pearl on top and precious ruby or emerald at the bottom or towards the drop of the necklace.


Rani Haar:

If you want to acquire a queenly look on your wedding night, then you should go for a stunning rani-haar. The rani-haar is immensely in trend nowadays and brides love to adopt it as a necklace for their weddings.

The necklace is made of Kundan along with some other precious and semi-precious stones such as emerald, ruby, and sapphires. A rani-haar is not a simple necklace, you can come across several rani-here in the market, which displays the great work of enamel or Meenakari.

Rani Haar
Rani Haar


If you are looking for a heavy necklace that can cover your entire neckline, then you must opt for gorgeous satlada necklaces.

By lada, it means the seven layers of pearl or other majestic looking gems woven together and fixed on a filigree of gold.

The satlada necklace also has positive effects on its wearer life and bring love, happiness, and prosperity in your married life. The measurement of a satlada haar is around 30 to 35 meters.


Mango Haram:

Have you heard about this stunning piece of ornament? If you are south Indian then you must have heard about this necklace because mango Haram is largely being worn in South Indian weddings.

However, nowadays this exquisite jewelry item has grown a grand appeal in North India as well.

The necklace appears splendid because of an artistic mango motif which constructs the outer line of the necklace. Mango Haram is available in different shapes and sizes.

Usually, it is present in short, medium and large size in the market.

A mango haram necklace is contrived of pure gold with lots of auspicious jewel or gem-studded on it such as emerald stone, blue sapphire stone or ruby stone.



To look dead-drop on your wedding event, you can select this elegant haar addigai. It is closed style haar in gold. The necklace will look appealing to you because of precious stones embedded in it such as emerald, ruby, sapphires, and other stones.


Now, we have informed you about the best looking bridal necklace available in the market. However, it is totally up to you to choose which one would look best on you.

While selecting a necklace, do not listen to others only follow your heart. And consider your facial structure, budget, and preference above everything.

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